Want to learn patience, dedication, and timing while working from home


If you want to learn patience, dedication, and timing while working from home, you are in a suitable space. Indulge yourself in the following task and see the magic. These are tested methods for increasing patience, dedication, and timing. These acts may also generate a hormone in your body that increases your empathy level. What else do you want?
Buckle up and start learning.

1>Cook chapati

Cooking Chapati is not as easy as it may sound. In many places, it is still a yardstick to check bride competency. You have to roll them around and even cook them just right, neither raw nor charred and then get them to fluff out beautifully.

To come out with flying colors, you need to cross four hurdles, namely

a>The Dough:-You need to have patience in this stage. Don’t act smart and pour water at once. You have to keep adding a little water at a time; otherwise, you will end up making a wetland of Madagascar. (Patience)

b>Roll chapati:-Round and even is the mantra. In the beginning, your chapati may look like seven shades of geometry or may even look like an amoeba. Keep trying to reach π r2.(dedication)

c>Last Lap:-You will pass this test only if chapati swells. This stage requires precise timing. Side one of chapati goes to the center of Tawa. You have to Turn the chapati over at the right time. The last and the final step, side one, goes to the flame and then side two. (Timing)

If you have patience, dedication, and timing, you will get a perfect swelled Chapati.

2>Wash utensils

A Pile of unwashed utensils may give you an awful feeling. Your steps may backtrack from the kitchen with a filling of I cannot, but stop. Didn’t you say you want to learn Patience, Dedication, and Empathy?
Start with the smallest utensil. Remove Leftover Food, Scrub it, keep it aside and Repeat. In the end, rinse it with tap water properly.
In addition to patience and dedication, a study conducted by researchers at Florida State University suggests that washing utensils improve well-being, reduces stress levels, and even boosts the immune system.

3>Do Yoga

The most uninteresting channel of my school days gave a fillip to the popularity of yoga among the Indian middle class. Yes, it was Astha tv with Baba Ramdev at the podium exhaling, inhaling, bending, twisting, and teaching yoga to the Indian middle class.

Yoga benefits traverse from physical to mental well-being. To summarise Yoga benefits, Yoga improves our Physical strength, stamina, immunity, and mental stability.

So, to learn patience, dedication, and timing you just need to Cook, Wash and do.

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