India in the time of Coronavirus


Coronavirus, is scary, spreading fast, there is currently no vaccine or preventative treatment for it. Under these circumstances, it’s understandable that people would be frightened.

I never used mask when Air pollution levels in India’s capital have soared to hazardous levels, now I use it. Until now I have never used hand sanitizer. I recently discovered that even sanitizer has types(Cocktail and mocktail). A mere sneeze triggers self-doubt, Did Corona get me? Will, I spread it to my family.

Amid all these corona development, few incidents happening around gives me a sense of hope and optimism.No matter what happens Indians will be Indians, Optimistic, Adamant,ज्ञानी, resilient and opportunist.

Funny Protection To Optimistic Solution

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Swami Chakrapani, the president of the Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha has organized a ‘gaumutra party’ (cow urine party). People lined up for their share of cow urine.

On the auspicious occasion of Holika Dahan, people in Mumbai have come up with new ideas of burning effigies of coronavirus.

Multitasking BJP

Coronavirus has not deterred BJP from doing its task.BJP is doing its best to form the government in MP. Jyotiraditya Scindia himself resigned from the Congress party’s. Many Congress MLAs who are loyal to Jyotiraditya Scindia, resigned as well. if the BJP does form a government in Madhya Pradesh, it would regain some of its lost saffron hue on India’s political map.

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From Hand Shake to Namaste

Corona has exponentially increased Namaste Popularity. West has now learned that not everything they teach is a sign of advancement.

India Parrot TV News

For Indian News channels, Nothing happening around the world but Corona. People will die of Anxiety before Corona get them. I was surprised to see the scoreboard for coronavirus. Corona scored a century in India. Even The World Health Organization has advised people to avoid watching, reading or listening to news that causes feelings of anxiety or distress.

Corona Scorecard

To save yourself stop watching the news and relax, take a few precautions. Learn from BJP optimism with कांग्रेस मुक्त भारत and Congress Adamance with नहीं छोड़ेंगे भारत.

India will keep moving no matter what. From Indus valley to the Modi era we dealt with many things, we will deal with corona as well. We will overtake China‘s population by 2027, will become 5 trillion economy and Sensex will soon touch 40000.

To be continued………………..

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