Democratic government in Ancient India

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The idea of executive, judiciary, legislative, democracy, etc is rooted in ancient Indian culture and values. Democratic government in Ancient India laid The foundation of the modern-day government in India.

Following facts substantiate modern-day governance in ancient India:-

1> Rig Veda and Atharvaveda Mention Samiti(House of elders), Sabha(House of general).

2>Kautilya Arthasastra, Panini Asthadhyayi, Mahabharata mentions the Republic government at several kingdoms in the post-Vedic period.

3>Ashoka’s policy of dhamma, Buddhism and Jainism inscriptions mention the working of representative institutions in ancient India.

4>Licchhavis kingdom had a representative republic with an elected president called Nayak.

5>Megasthenes talked about many working republics in south India

6>Panchayati raj institutions were prevalent in many villages.

So, Modern Indian governance does not only derive its roots from British rule but also from the Democratic government in Ancient India.

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