कोरोना से डरने का नहीं बचने का


अभी तक की सबसे बड़ी खबर, कोरोना की संख्या हो गई 173 , Breaking news,वायरस के ख़ौफ़,कोरोना का कहर.Same news go on and on from morning to night.

Facebook, Twitter, what app, Tv same corona everywhere. It’s like “Corona Corona everywhere not a single place to hide”.

The non-stop media cycle surrounding the outbreak is no help in containing virus spread. Too much and too many have put us in a hyper-vigilant state. Any new development triggers self-doubt, Am I the next one.

All these corona development reminds me of a childhood story. I do not remember the story exactly but the moral of the story is still intact.

The Story

The story is about Akbar and Birbal.

Once Akbar has no idea where Birbal is, So he came up with an idea to find out where Birbal might be. He invited the heads of the village and said, “I shall give a goat to each one of you. You must feed them well. Take good care of them. The cost is my responsibility. You must return the goats after one month. But when you return, the goats should weigh the same as they are today.”

The village heads wondered how this would be possible.

Somehow, Birbal came to know about this. He went to see Patel (village head).

“Patelji, do not worry about what the Emperor has said. Just take good care of the goat,” said Birbal.

“In that case, the goat will grow fat.”

“There is a solution for that. On the outskirts of the village, there is a lion in the cage. Tie up this goat just a little way of from the lion. Due to fear and insecurity, the goat will not gain an ounce of weight,” said Birbal.

After one month all the village heads turned up with their goat. All goats gained weight except the one Patelji had. Akbar knew this is possible only if Birbal has advised something. This is how he came to know whereabout of Birbal.

corona virus

The moral of the story.If we panic, constantly worry then “the price we will pay” could be “much greater than the threat the virus poses.”

Be not afraid of Corona Virus

Even health experts say that it’s crucial not to let panic take over our decision-making and rational thought processes.

The question before us is, do we want to become the same goat and do us more harm than corona itself.

कोरोना से डरने का नहीं बचने का

So, I would just repeat the same thing minimize the corona news, Wash your hands regularly with soap and water, stay away from large gatherings, Stay happy, Play ludo with family, etc, etc.

So once more repeat with me,कोरोना से डरने का नहीं बचने का


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