Entertainment-मनोरंजन is an integral part of our social life.

Entertainment is part of a healthy lifestyle. Entertainment doesn’t only include a cinema. It includes within itself a wide variety of art, dance, comedy, and any other skill form which delights us.

At fusebulbs.com we will bring you articles that will bring more entertainment into your life.

Twitter most followed

Who are the most-followed Indians on Twitter

No of followers a person has reflects the influence /popularity on the general population. In the present era, Twitter is one of the most influential entities. From shaping global communication, advertisement to influencing national elections, Twitter is bringing a new paradigm shift into Influencer Marketing. Twitter has also brought a new element, the #hashtag, into the social media …

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Patriotic movies you must watch

Patriotic movies you must watch

Below is a list of non-glamorous Patriotic movies you must watch. In the 21st century, when Patriotism is taking the form of religious nationalism, these movies widen our perspective of Patriotism. A simple definition of Patriotism would be Love and devotion for one’s country. But then the question arises what is a country? for me, a country …

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